Ultimate of Golden Wild Vine – Anti-glycation natural plant products.

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Ultimate of Golden Wild Vine - Anti-glycation natural plant products.

~ Supreme luxury products for beauty and health. ~


“Wild Vine” has been chosen Time magazine chose to one of the world’s 10 large macrobiotic diet. “Wild Vine” is a traditional longevity healthy diet, provides us with anti-aging healthy life. It is a rare natural plant “Wild Vine” would us to strongly your health in more than leave now.


What is the Wild Vine?


Japanese only natural plant

Unlike a common grape, wild vine are wild species peculiar to Japan which grow wild only in the Japanese Islands, and are distributed over mainly cold climate. Iwate Prefecture ,situated in northeast in Japan, is famous for the biggest production of mountain grapes in the Japan.


Japanese “the best medicine”

In the past especially in Jomon era,  these wild vines believed to be  “the best medicine” in Japan.

A wild vine is a natural plant peculiar to Japan, and has been drunk for the recovery of  geriatric-diseases , for blood production, for the prevention of anemia,  and also used before and after birth. It was also used for recovery  from illness of a nutritional fortification, from fatigue, and a gastroenteric disorder in ancient times.



Japanese anti-aging polyphenol

Latest research  shows that many cosmetics  and healthy ingredients are included in the wild vine.

For example it contains excess of dietary fiber, which cleans the inside of intestines.  It also include abundant vitamins and minerals which maintain bodily balance; and excess of polyphenol which prevents bodily “glycation” and “Oxidation“.

About “Ultimate of Golden Wild Vine”

Extract condensed powder1kg from 1000kg 


The Wild Vine is a scarce natural resources in Japan.

 This product uses the extract powder of high concentration of polyphenol made from domestic wild vine contained in the seed and the peel of a wild vine.

This extract powder can demonstrate the effect which is not in others by making in the extract condensed powder of 1 kg from 1000 kg of the Wild Vine materials by patent extraction condensation technology.

Demonstrate the effect extract powder


The extract powder effect of Wild Vine mainly demonstrate anti-glycation action. In addition, it has been confirmed antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic action, beautiful skin effect, the anti-aging action.

Our products, Japan only has not been known to the world its excellent features, will make for captive you. Because, it is you only because they are given a health and more beauty until now.

“Amethyst Lady” beauty drink for Inner care

Very popular in beauty and caring health woman!


Wild Vine,Tassel is very small, the species is large, the skin is also a thick firm, in looks black one meal, the stock has become a amethyst color.

For even components of the stock solution of Wild Vine, compared to the general grape, Malic acid 5.5x, vitamin B6 3x, iron 5x, calcium 4x, and polyphenols are included 9 times .

Other also that many of the vitamins and minerals rich, has been revealed that cosmetic ingredients and healthy ingredients that do not particularly essential for women has been condensed.

Beauty Drink is the special luxury products formulated with extract powder to the stock solution of Wild Vine.


Deep flavor and taste, For every day of beauty health!

One of the beauty and health  high quality products in the world that do not fit in with the other absolute hand.

You buy this product, it will become captivated by the deep flavor to the moment you drank.

Please drink about 30cc daily. By continuing every day, you can get the health and ultimate beauty.


Demonstrate the effect extract powder

Forever beautiful, and youthful good health.

The following effects have been observed.

Face whitening effect/Beautiful skin effect

The diet effect.

The detox effect.

Effect of Eyesight improvement.

The extract powder of Wild Vine is effective in an improvement of a blood flow, the environmental improvement in intestines, strengthening of a blood vessel, an improvement of intracerebral metabolism, etc.

In addition, you efficacy is also observed in the following.

Preventive effect of arteriosclerosis

Diabetes, diabetes complications prevention.

Cancer prevention.

Dementia prevention.

And constipation resolved by improving intestinal flora, improving immunity

Cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and preventive effect of muscle weakness by strengthening the body’s collagen, such as bone.

“Ultimate of Golden Wild Vine” for Ultimate anti-aging

What’s AGEs?

AGEs : Advanced Glycation End Products

AGEs has a strong toxicity, have been the causative agent to proceed with aging. Vascular aged, there is no skin gloss, a substance that can cause wrinkles and age spots, it is enemy of beauty. In addition, it will also be the cause of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Stop! “AGEs”

AGEs is Great enemy of beauty and health.

Extract powder of Wild Vine has been found to suppress the production of AGEs.


Inhibitory effects of the phenolic fraction from the pomace of Vitis coignetiae on biofilm formation by Streptococcus mutans.

Yano A1, Kikuchi S, Takahashi T, Kohama K, Yoshida Y.

Author information

1Iwate Biotechnology Research Center, Kitakami, Iwate, Japan. akiray@ibrc.or.jp



The anti-cariogenic properties of the phenolic fraction from the pomace of Vitis coignetiae (VcPP) were evaluated by in vitro assays and compared with fruit juices from V. coignetiae and common grapes and with other phenolic fractions. The effects of VcPP against the biofilm of Streptococcus mutans were investigated.


Sucrose-dependent biofilm formation by S. mutans cultured in the presence of VcPP was measured by crystal violet dye uptake. Inhibition of adhesion to the saliva-coated hydroxyapatite (sHA) beads was quantified using fluorescent-labelled cells. The MIC for S. mutans was determined by colony counting on agar plates containing VcPP. The ability of VcPP to inhibit glucan synthesis by three distinct recombinant glucosyltransferases (Gtfs) was assessed by quantifying the production of water-soluble and -insoluble polysaccharides in bacterial cultures. In addition, the buffering effect of VcPP in cultures of S. mutans was evaluated.


VcPP reduced adhesion of S. mutans to sHA and biofilm formation in a dose-dependent manner. The MIC of VcPP was 7.50mg/ml. VcPP inhibited GtfB activity associated with the synthesis of water-insoluble glucans. It also inhibited GtfD activity associated with the synthesis of water-soluble glucans at a concentration which was lower than that used for inhibition of GtfB. VcPP had no effect on acidification associated with glucose utilization by S. mutans.


The current study supports the potential of VcPP as a food additive for reducing caries by inhibiting adhesion to the tooth surface and GtfD-mediated soluble glucan synthesis.


“Ultimate of Golden Wild Vine” Products Lineup



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Wild Grape Vine Extract
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